Assignemnt #27 and Sequencing


///Name: Ben Borglin
///Period: 6
///Program Name: Sequencing
///File Name:

 import java.util.Scanner;
 public class Sequencing
     public static void main( String[] args )
         Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(;
         double price, salesTax, total;
         System.out.print( "How much is the purchase price? " );
         price = keyboard.nextDouble();
         salesTax = price * 0.0825;
         total = price + salesTax;
         System.out.println( "Item price:\t" + price );
         System.out.println( "Sales tax:\t" + salesTax );
         System.out.println( "Total cost:\t" + total );
         //No error is giving. I understand and I am not suprised by the output because the salestax and total were before the price variable was asked in the program so it would plug in 0 for price and the formula will result in 0.

Picture of the output

Assignment 27